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Geelong Hens Days are run by local tour company ‘Andys Trails’.
We have been running Hens days throughout the Bellarine Peninsula for more than 3 years now

Andys Trials is run by a collective group of passionate locals.

Our original Andy is passionate about showcasing amazing local businesses in our region. In a previous life before moving to Geelong  he has built three craft beer venues from the ground up, with each venue specialising in supporting local produce, craft beer and wine. After growing up in Tasmania surrounded by stunning scenery and even better produce he moved to Melbourne to make his mark in the craft beer scene before craft beer was cool.

Our main lady Elin is the daughter of a dairy farmer (the Otway Taster tour travels through her old stomping ground!). She grew up living “paddock to plate” with milk, eggs, pork, beef and many fruit and vegies coming from the farm itself. Working on the farm milking cows and raising poddy calves when not at school helped her gain a true understanding of the passion and hard work that goes into creating amazing produce fresh from the source.

We are lucky enough to have the amazing Stephanie and Gary as part of the Andys Trails group who specialises in running Hens and Bucks days from the Bellarine up through the Surf Coast.

Every one of us agrees that our best experiences came from seeing new places through the eyes of locals, sampling local produce, seeing where and how it’s made and talking to the growers and the makers. Food just tastes better where it’s grown, beer tastes better where it’s brewed, whisky tastes better where it’s distilled and wine tastes better where it’s produced.

Consuming local produce does more than supporting local families and creating local communities, it enhances your enjoyment of the produce by knowing where it’s from and how it’s made. This experience is unbelievably heightened when surrounded by rolling hills, calm bays, wild coastlines and stunning rainforest we are lucky enough to call home.

So come and share the experience of produce grown with love, made with pride, and enjoy every story by those that care the most. All without the hassle of organising transport, locations, open hours and allocating the role of designated driver to the poor friend who has to miss out on all the delicious delights. Our craft beverage tours and local produce adventures are fully paid for so you only need to bring out the credit card if you want to take the experience home with you with an extra bottle or two.

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So the proposal has happened. The bride to be said yes and now it’s times to create the perfect Hens day. We have been running Hens days along the Bellarine and Geelong area for more than 3 years now. Our group is run by a collective group of passionate locals and we are excited to give you a truly memorable experience

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